PLC Based Automation

Ready to Work

Ready to assist you – from updating existing systems to finding and applying the most appropriate solution for your project or plant. Or even code reviews and post-incident analysis, I’m up for a challenge: How to improve a machine, a system, a process. I’ll craft an approach that is suitable for you, your staff, your resources – something that works best for your specific situation.

Deeply familiar with the leading process automation controllers: PLCs like Rockwell’s ControlLogix and GE’s Rx3i in a wide variety of industries, including supporting technologies like Intelligent MCC’s, DeviceNet, DLR, and related networking technologies like Ethernet/IP, ControlNet and the old Data-Highway (or even Modbus).

From my first career in electro-mechanical engineering I know the innards of electrical power apparatus, from generation to transmission, transformers to switchgear, protective relaying down to the motors and VFDs, the servos and steppers that drive the production equipment. As well as the supervisory technologies of LOI, HMI and Scada.

I’ve automated large material handling systems like rail-car dumpers, shiploaders and stacker-reclaimers. Motion control from bearing assembly to large hot spring winding – from pallet stacking to beer brewing, from the largest site wide water-canon based dust-suppression system to the smallest foam-blanket former. Like I said, I enjoy a challenge.

If you value an organized, structured, well documented and expandable approach that will fit well with your own support staff, you should get in touch. Use the message tab on the menu.