New PLC Code Standard

New PLC Code & Standard, a Programming Field Guide

Finally a real world useful PLC standards document that provides good guidance, complete with the underlying reasoning!”

PLC Code Book Front Cover

It’s been a busy and rewarding life solving the worlds problems with PLC’s. Lately the projects even got larger with more firms involved. I get to see first hand what not having such a standard or reference is like. The delays due to misunderstanding or inappropriate solutions. The frustration of merging various participants work into a cohesive whole. The confusion introduced by “creative coding”, by confusing naming and inconsistent methods. I’ve finally decided to put together my collection of notes, write-ups and many file snippets into a book useful for the current, as well as the next generation of PLC programmers. It will also be of great help to those of you who direct or hire programmers, integrators or vendors supplying PLC solutions.
I’m at the final editing stage, there are some 170 topics, from Audience Guidelines to Conditioning, from Operating Modes to Program Structure, from Style Guides to What Not To Do, and the book will be published within the month.