Taking a break from HMI work.
  • Large Control System Experience, over 40 Years.
  • Four large gasplant’s BPCS systems, Northern BC.
  • IPF Corridor Pipeline Expansion (42” system, logic design).
  • Kinder-Morgan (24″ system, 11 station TMPSE expansion).
  • WestCoast Energy (Gordondale Station, 1st PID control in PLC).
  • Corridor Pipeline (7 stations bidirectional CLX and HMIs).
  • Express P/L Exp. (9 stations, logic reviews &operating manuals).
  • Trans Mountain Pipeline (new Kingsvale Stn. complete system).
  • TMPL Kamloops (complete reno of a running mainline station control desk, metering, boosters & delivery take-offs).
  • Westshore Terminals, site wide control design, rail-dumper control replacement, stacker-reclaimer control replacement.
  • Molsen Brewing Kirin Beer line PLC/HMI prog & startup.
  • Neptune Terminals replacement/improvements to railcar dumper, shiploaders, conveying, stacking and reclaiming.
  • Extensive Rockwell Automation HW & SW Knowledge
    Worked with PLC-2, PLC-3, PLC-4 (yes there was such a thing), PLC-5 to the current ControlLogix – HMIs from Advisor, ControlView, PanelView to RSView32, Cygnet, FTView and various Scada systems.
  • Industrial Networking Experience
    Extensive PLC and associated computer/controller/sensor systems networking experience using ControlNet, Ethernet, DeviceNet, Modbus and Radio Networks like the Motorola Moscad & ACE3600.
  • More than 40 years working Independently,  Assisting Clients
    Experienced in working with large and small client firms and consultants, well versed in understanding project requirements and structuring solutions & systems to get the job completed successfully.
  • Excellent Communicator
    Experienced with large documentation systems, such as operating manual writing and consensus building, no management overhead required – just point me at a goal.
  • Logic and Analytic Thinker
    With special strength in graphic and logic representation (for instance I developed a Visio logic stencil symbol base), experience in accident investigation and system improvement.
  • Creative Problem Solver
    Due to wide ranging interests and experience in diverse industries – I can bring insights & solutions from other industries. I’m interested in the complete operations cycle, from information gathering to implementing the completed solution, including training staff on the new methodologies and documenting the results.